We offer complete tree care, including tree removal, yearly evaluation, maintenance and cleanup  to preserve the health of your trees.

Tree Removal

Trees are a valuable part of your landscape, our ecosystem, and removal needs to be considered as a last resort. However, in many wooded areas like Ocean Pines, MD, if a tree is a hazard or diseased and dying, it does need to be addressed quickly to reduce the danger and liability.

Our team finds the best course of action to perform a Tree Removal service safely.

Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

This is truly where a certified tree expert can make a difference. Trimming and pruning by untrained individuals can harm the aesthetics, shorten the life of the tree or harm it beyond saving.

Each tree has different needs and requires specific techniques. We will ensure that is done correctly and safely so that the tree can continue to add beauty, shade, and value to your property.

Stump Grinding

When trees are removed, it is also recommended to remove the stump for future growth as well as having a smooth ground surface. We use our own stump grinder to accomplish the task.

Our crew is extremely careful and ensures that nothing around the area is damaged during this process.

 Emergency Services

Storms can cause full grown trees to be uprooted and broken and can result in property damage. We can ensure that the trees are trimmed or removed if necessary- safely and quickly.

You can also count on us for storm cleanup



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